No one realizes how bad an emotionally abusive relationship actually is.


. Before they manipulate someone, they need to know their emotional state and their strength in order to picture a possible outcome.

An ex-partner could have been arrogant and self-absorbed in a relationship, been unfaithful, and casually moved on after a breakup.


Even if. . They are afraid that you will leave them.


. . They might contact you for no reason, give.

. This false accusation forces the opponent to be on the defensive and causes the court.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio by Pexels. The first part of getting any ex-boyfriend back is the no contact period.

It is a diagnosable personality disorder plagued by an inflated sense of self and a deep need for attention. One of the most common reasons why your ex is avoiding you is that he simply moved on.

Thus your narcissist ex would block you just to gain control over you, and once they feel they have control they might unblock you.

He’s Already Moved On.


When I finally explained to her how terrible it was the whole 5 years I was with him she was in shock. Restlessness. They’ve got you on the hook, so they don’t have to pretend they enjoy your company.

. . He’s Already Moved On. . . .

If you find yourself in a situation where your narcissist ex keeps contacting you, it can feel overwhelming and confusing.

A sociopath will exploit others because he finds it amusing, while a narcissist only exploits those he believes is a threat. Narcissists will often beat their opponent to court by falsely projecting their issues onto the opponent.


Plays emotional “hot potato”.

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On the way there, he changed his mind and began screaming at me.